Invibio Trauma Materials

PEEK-OPTIMA Polymers & Composites

Novel alternatives to metals

Invibio’s research and development team has developed PEEK-OPTIMA polymers and composites that are an excellent alternative to metals typically used in trauma fixation devices. These advanced biomaterials offer the high strength and fatigue performance properties required in trauma applications, plus advantages such as implant radiolucency and a modulus similar to cortical bone. The biocompatibility of these materials has been established with regulatory bodies and is supported by data on file with the US FDA, China’s CFDA and Japan’s PMDA.

The PEEK-OPTIMA Product Family meets specific trauma device demands.

Introduced in 1999, PEEK-OPTIMA Natural, the foundation of the PEEK-OPTIMA product family, was quickly adopted by the spinal industry for use in interbody fusion devices due to its exceptional mechanical properties and biocompatibility.  Invibio recognized that these properties could be beneficial in other medical device applications, particularly if the material properties could be adjusted to meet specific performance demands.

A robust research and development program led to the commercialization of new PEEK-OPTIMA products with the strength and fatigue performance required in trauma applications. These include PEEK-OPTIMA Reinforced and PEEK OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced.