Accelerating trauma device innovation through robust research and development programs.

Investing in research and development keeps organisations at the forefront of innovation.

Investing in research and development keeps organizations at the forefront of innovation.

Collaboration and Innovation

In collaboration with researchers, processors and customers, Invibio helps to drive medical innovation by expanding product offerings, increasing manufacturing flexibility and identifying new medical applications for existing biomaterials. We do this by conducting advanced research at our Global Technology Center, supporting basic and applied research at research institutions, and continuously reviewing the latest medical research to keep us aligned with customers and clinicians.

Advanced Product Development and Derivatives

We have a well-documented history of developing new PEEK-OPTIMA-based derivatives with properties optimized for specific medical applications. PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced is a prime example. It was developed to address specific concerns related the use of metal implants for trauma fixation. Now that PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced implants are commercially available, surgeons have more options available for treating trauma fractures and can better match treatments to unique patient needs. We are continuously working to develop promising new composites and compounds.

Original Research

Invibio pursues original biomaterial research and shares scientific data with our trauma customers so they can improve implant designs and deliver advanced surgical solutions. Our technology team is actively involved in a variety of trauma research and development initiatives. Examples of recent projects include research related to bioactive PEEK composites and scaffolds, and pre-clinical studies of new PEEK-OPTIMA composite implant designs.