Biomaterials pioneer. Partner in unprecedented spinal device innovation.

Invibio Spine - Spine Xray

In 1999 Invibio revolutionized spinal device design by introducing the breakthrough implantable polymer PEEK-OPTIMA, which has become the standard for spinal inter-body fusion. Since then, Invibio has continued to pioneer spinal industry innovation driven by clinical need and our customers desire to continually improve patient outcomes.

Our unique value comes from investment in dedicated, spine-specific resources that include:

  • Proven global performance in spine for over a decade
  • Application-specific research and testing
  • New material development
  • Specialized processing facilities
  • Experienced personnel and deep resources dedicated to the spine market

For you, as our customers, this means we’re able to understand and better serve your needs, partnering with you to accelerate time to market and maintain your competitive edge. Whether your program objectives focus on new product development, improving production efficiencies, or accessing new markets, Invibio can provide biomaterials solutions that help you meet or exceed your goals.

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