Proven materials and expertise provide a significant advantage.

Invibio Speciality

Biomaterial expertise brings innovative materials to specialty implants.

Accelerated by clinical and technological advancement, specialty implants including cranio-maxillofacial (CMF), neuro, cardio and pharmaceutical devices, are amongst the most rapidly developing sectors in medical today.

Establishing new therapies requires overcoming significant clinical, technical and regulatory hurdles.  Reduce the risk of your program by selecting PEEK-OPTIMA polymers, a product family with proven biocompatibility and hemocompatibility.

For applications requiring more complex components that are thinner, yet strong and lightweight, PEEK-OPTIMA polymers are among the most popular advanced biomaterials. These materials offer exceptional design and processing versatility to overcome limitations of other materials.

The inherent characteristics of PEEK-OPTIMA provide exceptional mechanical and dielectric strength, excellent chemical resistance and compatibility with today’s advanced imaging techniques.  Our materials are supported by unmatched technical and processing know-how, which we share with our customers to optimize implant properties and manufacturing processes and bring advanced implants to market.

Our specialty offerings include:

  • Range of PEEK-OPTIMA polymers that enable enhanced bone-growth, improved bio-mechanics, reduced wear and tailored imaging.
  • Investigation data to aid understanding of material fatigue, tissue response, fibroblast – and osteoblast and dura compatibility.
  • Robust research programs including data packages on wear, tribology and enhanced implant Osseo integration.
  • Development of new materials and processing technologies to increase implant design flexibility.
  • Unsurpassed expertise in design, development and processing of PEEK-PEEK-OPTIMA polymers for medical applications.

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