Pure, unfilled PEEK-OPTIMA grade.

PEEK-OPTIMA Natural is the pure, unfilled PEEK grade. This high-performance, implant-grade polymer serves as the foundation of the PEEK-OPTIMA product family. It is the base material used in all PEEK-OPTIMA grades. PEEK-OPTIMA Natural delivers performance characteristics ideal for many orthopedic device applications:

  • Design flexibility, high strength to weight ratio enables the production of small but very strong devices.
  • Extremely strong, durable and highly resistant to creep and fatigue
  • Radiolucent for easy monitoring of healing site with X-rays, CT or MRI
  • Ability to repeatedly sterilize with no degradation using steam, ethylene oxide, gamma or Sterrad™ plasma
  • Available in rods, and stock shapes for manufacturing flexibility.
  • Suitable for implantation or blood, bone and tissue contact greater than 30 days.

PEEK-OPTIMA Natural Material