Invibio Ortho Materials


Proven Biocompatible, Safe and Biostable.

Biocompatible, high performance PEEK-OPTIMA polymers from the leaders of PEEK.

Biocompatible, high performance PEEK-OPTIMA polymers from the leaders of PEEK.

Invibio transformed the medical device design landscape with the introduction of its PEEK-OPTIMA polymer family 15 years ago and set an industry standard for biomaterials biocompatibility, safety and quality. PEEK-OPTIMA Polymer’s proven biocompatibility is supported by US FDA and China CFDA Drug & Device Master Files, and has been used in approximately 9 million approved, implantable devices worldwide. These strengths have encouraged the orthopedic industry to use PEEK-OPTIMA materials in many other applications, including hip, knee and finger joints plus arthroscopy anchors and screws.

PEEK-OPTIMA Product Family meets specific orthopedic device demands.

PEEK-OPTIMA polymer and compounds come in a range of grades. Each PEEK-OPTIMA grade shares the principle benefits of PEEK-OPTIMA Natural, plus superior performance where the device demands it.

Our unique blend of device and material knowledge ensures we understand the demands of orthopedic procedures such as reconstructive arthroplasty and arthroscopy. We select and develop advanced materials that allow device companies to access key markets and generate revenues as efficiently as possible.

For your assurance, PEEK-OPTIMA polymers offer exceptional quality testing and control, plus a “no change” supply assurance agreement that guarantees long-term specification and production methods.