Knee Arthroscopy

PEEK-OPTIMA Interference Screws provide torsional strength during insertion for ACL repairs.

PEEK-OPTIMA Natural features mechanical strength superior to bioactive implants, reducing intraoperative product failure.

  • Demonstrates superior, effective pullout strength (A Comparison of PEEK-OPTIMA and PLLA Interference Screws, G. Berlet, W.H. Davis, C. Jones, M. Schultz), supporting the trend towards increased use of PEEK-OPTIMA Natural in interference screws.
  • PEEK-OPTIMA Natural provides process and design flexibility that allows variation in product stiffness. This is ideal for screw sheaths that prohibit graft rotation during screw insertion.
  • PEEK-OPTIMA Natural allows for greater design and production flexibility for injection molding and machining processes.
  • Devices made with this material are inherently radiolucent, allowing simple post-operative assessment of repairs using standard imaging techniques.
  • PEEK-OPTIMA Natural is completely bio-inert to reduce the risk of patient reaction to devices implanted in the body.