PEEK-OPTIMA Reinforced

Enhanced mechanical strength and stiffness.

Our PEEK-OPTIMA™ Reinforced implantable compound is composed of short carbon fibers dispersed within a PEEK-OPTIMA polymer matrix. The result is a material with improved mechanical and physical properties for more demanding load-bearing applications.

PEEK-OPTIMA Reinforced provides a unique combination of features and benefits, including:

  • Excellent wear performance as a bearing material 
  • Exceptional fiber-to-matrix bond strength which enhances material strength and durability
  • Bone-like stiffness which can reduce the occurrence of stress shielding
  • Proven biocompatibility which ensures safe, long-term implantation
  • Radiolucent on X-rays and CT scans and MRI compatible
  • Extensive history of use in FDA-approved, long-term implantable devices dating from 1999

PEEK-OPTIMA Reinforced

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