Invibio Dental Materials

Invibio dental materials

PEEK-OPTIMA offers a superior combination of strength, natural flex and toughness over metal alternatives.

PEEK-OPTIMA™ product family blends proven performance with superior wear, safety and comfort.

Since Invibio introduced PEEK-OPTIMA as the first implantable PEEK polymer in 1999, it has earned the confidence and gained the acceptance of the global medical community. 
  • proven clinical history
  • a superior combination of strength, natural flex and toughness
  • design and processing advantages

The PEEK-OPTIMA polymer is available in a range of compounds. Each PEEK-OPTIMA compound shares the principle benefits of PEEK-OPTIMA Natural, plus additional performance when innovation demands a tailored solution.

Invibio’s concentrated focus on PEEK material and knowledge allows us to develop advanced solutions for a wide range of dental applications which in turn enables dental companies to access key markets and generate revenues as efficiently as possible.

Our high-performance polymers offer many unique advantages:

  • Unmatched and extensive clinical heritage 
  • Elastic modulus similar to bone – hard, yet flexible, allowing for greater design flexibility and a solution more in harmony with the natural tissue
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • High resistance to wear, abrasion and corrosion
  • Radiolucency – compatible with X-ray imaging
  • Proven long-term biocompatibility as an implantable material