The total package from a trusted partner.

Our regulatory guidance service helps you enter more markets, faster.

Invibio has been providing biomaterial solutions to medical device manufacturers for over 15 years. We understand the ever-changing complexities involved with commercializing in a global market and are proud to provide a comprehensive package of services that extend far beyond the scope of what typical biomaterial service providers offer. A collaboration with Invibio means you will save time, save money and accelerate your innovation.

Research & Development

Invibio pursues original biomaterial research and shares scientific data with our customers so they can improve designs and deliver advanced solutions. Our partners include some of the best in class academic research institutes, such as the University of Regensburg and the University of Sheffield.


We know your product quality depends on it, and we have consistently delivered. Our industry-leading quality system has had zero material quality recalls since our inception in 1999.

Regional regulatory experts who help expedite approvals 

Invibio recognizes the importance of working with you, our customers, to support regulatory submissions worldwide. We have a global team of experts familiar with regional regulatory requirements and PEEK-OPTIMA™. Our regulatory team can provide guidance and advice which can accelerate device launch.

Tech services

The Invibio technical team offers extensive knowledge about the proper handling, preparation, processing and finishing of the PEEK-OPTIMA polymer family. This means direct support and prompt solutions to any problems you encounter — whether you’re working with stock shapes, injection moldable implant-grade polymers or PEEK composite implants.

As far as I’m concerned you have the best pure material available and I only want the best for my patient.