Dental Implant Fixtures

Invibio dental implant fixtures

Metal-free dental implants improve stress shielding and allow greater flexibility in design.

Dental implants have become the solution of choice to replace missing dentition. Implants are used to treat partially- or fully-edentulous patients to replace a single tooth, to restore a segment or a full arch, and as anchors for overdentures.

Metal-Free Solutions

In the case of patients with metal intolerance's or who personally prefer a non-metallic solution, high performance polymer PEEK-OPTIMA™ dental implants are the go-to alternative.

Stress Shielding Properties

PEEK-OPTIMA’s proven biocompatibility and excellent strength-to-weight ratio, provides solutions which permit a level of stress shielding which can benefit bone levels around the dental implant.

High performance polymers also allows design versatility and access to mass production methods such as injection molding.