Accelerating advancements in high performance polymer solutions for Dental.

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PEEK-OPTIMA polymers are used in a wide range of specialty dental applications that require long-term implantation.

For generations, restorative and prosthetic dentistry has used metal for treatment solutions.  Today, the industry is being revolutionized through new technologies that are able to advance processes, realize manufacturing efficiencies and improve the patient experience like never before.  This revolution has opened the door to engineered biomaterials, like PEEK polymers, that help produce a more natural look and feel for dental patients.  

Our range of PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymers has been successfully used by leading global dental companies in applications including: healing caps and temporary abutments, dental implants, and more recently, through Juvora Ltd, the JUVORA™ Dental Disc device for CAD/CAM prosthetics.1  

We recognize the unique industry challenges and welcome the opportunity to collaborate on addressing:
  • Clinical needs of patients
  • Market needs to reduce costs
  • Improvements in operational efficiency
  • Optimization of new product development processes

Combining a proven clinical history and high mechanical strength with design and processing flexibility, PEEK-OPTIMA is leading the increasing use of high performance polymer (HPP) as a permanent, alternative solution to metal.

Innovative dental device companies have chosen Invibio biomaterial solutions for over a decade.  Our Dental solutions include:

  • High-performance polymer biomaterials — an excellent alternative to metal for premium restorative and prosthetic applications
  • PEEK-OPTIMA, a trusted biomaterial with over 15-years of clinical history and use in more than 5 million implants
  • Polymer solutions that offer unique design freedom, versatile manufacturing possibilities through digitization, and patient comfort
  • Investment in innovation through research programs on improving clinical outcomes and material properties


  1. Juvora Ltd, part of the Invibio group of companies, is the authorised manufacturer of the JUVORA dental disc.

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