Uncompromising Quality for Uncompromising Markets

Invibio’s Industry-leading quality system retains a record of zero material quality recalls.

Invibio’s industry-leading quality system retains a record of zero material quality recalls.

Nowhere is stringent quality control and testing more important than in the surgical and medical device markets. Invibio understands that our quality control and testing procedures form the very foundation of your future product’s success, and we take your success seriously indeed. We are right there with you in striving for uncompromising quality across our range of biomaterial solutions. Our quality control standards and procedures help ensure the most stringent possible specifications for our implantable PEEK-OPTIMA grades.

The exceptional quality, consistency and availability of Invibio biomaterials help ensure rapid time-to-market for your products. As the only PEEK provider with an integrated supply chain, our raw materials assurance means confidence in the safety and efficacy of the biomaterial, and confidence moves your products from design to market faster. The rigorous manufacturing control and testing protocols employed by Invibio, along with vertical integration of our chemical supply chain, ensure the user has a traceable, reproducible, assured supply. For all Invibio PEEK-OPTIMA products, Invibio will serve as a true manufacturing and supply partner.

The audit at Invibio UK headquarters resulted in Zero Critical, Zero Major, Zero Minor findings.