Spinal Interbody Fusion

PEEK-OPTIMA polymers have become the material of choice

Posterior rods made from PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymers allow allow for fusions that are less stiff than traditional metal rods.

PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymers have been successfully used in spinal interbody fusion applications for 15 years

When implantable PEEK-OPTIMA polymers were first introduced, spinal interbody fusion was the gold standard for the treatment of degenerative spinal disorders. Autograft fusion was already on the decline and non-autograft implant usage was split evenly between metal and allograft cages.

Fifteen years later, the gold standard treatment is still spinal interbody fusion, but the composition of the spinal fusion cage market has shifted dramatically. Now, fusion cages composed of PEEK-OPTIMA polymers account for well over half of the global market. The reasons for this dramatic shift are simple: PEEK-OPTIMA polymers provide the mechanical properties required for load-sharing fusion applications, with a modulus similar to cortical vertebral endplates, and without the risks associated with harvesting and processing allograft tissue for implant use. In addition, clinical evidence suggests that PEEK cages offer important advantages over metal cages, including better long-term outcomes and fewer device-related complications.1-4

PEEK-OPTIMA polymers are the material of choice for a growing number of interbody fusion applications, including static cages, stand-alone interbody fusion devices, and static and expandable corpectomy devices. Invibio continues to advance spinal fusion and help manufacturers differentiate their spinal devices by offering a range of PEEK-OPTIMA polymers suitable for interbody fusion, such as PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced, which promotes early, enhanced implant-bone contact.5


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