Strongly committed to research and innovation.

Investing in research and development keeps organisations at the forefront of innovation.

Investing in research and development keeps organizations at the forefront of innovation.

Invibio supports orthopedic device breakthroughs with significant investments in research and development and talented people.

Collaboration and Innovation

Our culture of collaboration allows us to help you in a number of important ways. Robust R&D, technical and developmental support provide a path to innovation for your advanced orthopedic devices.

Long-term Partnership

Partnership — with orthopedic device manufacturers, research institutions and others in the market — plays a key part in enabling Invibio to offer biocompatible polymers and value-add solutions that provide a “total value” package for our customers. Our extensive R&D capabilities yield innovative, market-leading biomaterials that make it possible to develop advanced medical devices.

Advanced Product Development and Derivatives

We have a history of new biomaterial developments in the PEEK-OPTIMA product family, including several important derivatives that offer superior performance for specific device demands.  With a range of compounding options, we can provide orthopedic device designers with diverse benefits such as tailored implant visibility, high wear resistance and enhanced bone apposition that exceed the performance properties of traditional orthopedic construct materials.

Original Research

Invibio continually collaborates on original biomaterial research and studies that provide new scientific data to help orthopedic device manufacturers design and develop advanced solutions. Studies include cell response to PEEK-OPTIMA; wear properties and implications for load-bearing devices; and new forms of long-term implantable polymers to improve orthopedic device design, performance and clinical results.

In addition, our technology team is actively involved in a variety of important orthopedic research and development initiatives:

  • ENDURE - a project funded by the European commission to develop a ceramic on polymer resurfacing hip.
  • SHIELD – researching alternative materials for hip prostheses.
  • WELMEC – center of excellence in medical engineering, to advance hip and knee devices.