Invibio dental abutments

Abutments made with PEEK-OPTIMA offer excellent soft tissue behavior and manufacturing advantages.

Dental abutments are connectors, either secured onto or built into, the top of the dental implant. Abutments allow for the connection between the implant, and the tooth (or teeth’s) replacing prostheses.

Soft Tissue Response

The excellent soft tissue behaviour of PEEK-OPTIMA™ combined with its mechanical performance and biocompatibility make it the material of choice for abutment applications. With the advent of customized patient abutments, such devices clearly benefit from the characteristics that PEEK-OPTIMA provides.

Customizable Solution

PEEK-OPTIMA allows the manufacture of stock abutments through an injection-molding route and patient-specific abutments manufactured by computer-aided design/manufacture (CADCAM). Also, pigment fillers can be added to alter material color and surface topography.